2013 Wheelbarrow Art Hunt

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The Wheelbarrow festival is located in the heart of Reynoldstown, at Lang-Carson park.

Getting Here
Lang-Carson Park is situated between Flat Shoals, Wylie, Weatherby, and Manigault Streets in Reynoldstown. The main festival entrance will be along Wylie Street, but you may also enter via Manigault Street. The area surrounding the park is almost entirely residential, so street parking will be available – however, please take care not to block residents’ driveways and mind which side of the street you park on (i.e. the side that all the other cars are parked on).

You can absolutely ride your bike to the Wheelbarrow Festival! We won’t have the bicycle valet, though, so lock it up. You’ve done this before.

The Inman Park/Reynoldstown MARTA station is VERY close to the festival. When exiting the platform, exit to the Reynoldstown side. When you get to the bottom of the platform at the parking lot/bus stop thingy, continue to the lower end of the lot where there will be stairs leading you to Walthall Street. You can continue on Walthall to Wylie where you’ll take a right to enter the festival, or cut through from Walthall to Wylie on Boulevard Drive (Boulevard Dr. becomes a gravel road for a stretch). The entire distance from the station to the festival is less than 1/2 a mile!

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